Activated Carbon Filter for Water Treatment

  • Model NO.: BT
  • Flotation Machine Type: Dissolved Air Flotation Machine
  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Anti-Corrosive Treatment: Anti-Corrosive Paint
  • Backwash System: Full-Automatic Control
  • Trademark: shundou
  • Origin: Shandong Zhucheng
  • Method: Combined Treatment
  • Usage: Industrial, Home, Agriculture, Hospital
  • Processing Capacity(M3/H): 5-100
  • Control Mode: Full-Automatic Control
  • Scope of Application: Water Pretreatment in Food, Pharmacy, Electronic,
  • Specification: iso9001: 2008 bv tuv
Working Principle:

        It is used to remove the sundries in water and thus purify the water by the strong absorption performance of activated carbon. The adsorption capacity mainly includes:
        Absorbing organic compounds, colloid particles and microorganism in water;
        Absorbing the nonmetal substances such as chlorine, ammonia, bromine, iodine;
        Absorbing metal ions, such as silver, arsenic, bismuth, cobalt, hexavalent chromium, mercury, antimony, tin; and
        Getting rid of colors and odors.

Scope of Application:

        The activated carbon filter can be widely used as the water pre-treatment equipment for water treatment in food, pharmacy, electronics, chemical engineering and other industries, in order to prevent the pollution of pollutants in water for following-up equipment and to improve the odor and color of water.

Product Features:

        Superior adsorbing and filtering effect and small floor space;
        Convenient use and management and low operating costs;
        Long service life of filter material;

Selection of activated carbon filter:

        The common activated carbons are 0.4~2.4mm particle, which are cylindrical and granular. Carbon, the specific area of which is 500~1,500m2/g, the volume of pores of which is 0.6~1.18m3/g. They could be selected according to the usage and water quality.
        The activated carbon filter can be divided into fixed-bed which is the most commonly used one, expanded-bed and moving-bed types according to the bed form. The housing of the filter is the lined corrosion resistant carbon steel or glass fiber reinforced plastics (applicable to the model below BT-1500).

Technical Parameters:

Diameter×height(mm) Processing capacity
BT-500 φ500×2700 2
BT-600 φ600×3450 3-4
BT-800 φ800×3450 5-7
BT-1000 φ1000×3450 8-12
BT-1200 φ1200×3550 12-15
BT-1500 φ1500×3550 18-26
BT-1800 φ1800×3750 25-38
BT-2000 φ2000×3750 31-47
BT-2400 φ2400×4000 45-68
BT-2600 φ2600×4100 53-79
BT-3000 φ3000×4450 70-106




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