Prospects for Green Chemical Industry

According to the State Council's institutional reform plan submitted by the State Council to the 11th National People's Congress for review, China plans to establish the Ministry of Environmental Protection and no longer retain the State Environmental Protection Administration. To change the "bureau" to "minimum", although the difference between the words, but the changes can not be underestimated. The State Environmental Protection Administration is only a subordinate unit of the State Council, and the Ministry of Environmental Protection is a constituent department of the State Council and can participate more in national decision-making. This means that China will incorporate environmental issues into the major decisions of the State Council.
The deputies pointed out that "China's environmental problems have become an important factor that threatens people's health, affects social stability, restricts economic development, and damages the country's image. They have become the focus of attention of the international community, the people's concern, and the building of a harmonious socialist society. difficulty". The State Council's "Decision on Implementing the Scientific Outlook on Development and Strengthening Environmental Protection," which was issued in early 2006, describes: Although China's environmental protection has made positive progress, the serious environmental situation has not changed. The discharge of major pollutants exceeds the environmental carrying capacity, and the river sections that flow through cities are generally polluted. Many cities suffer from serious air pollution and acid rain pollution. The harm of persistent organic pollutants begins to appear, and the area of ​​soil pollution expands. The pollution in coastal waters has increased. There are hidden dangers in nuclear and radiation environment security. The environmental problems that have occurred in stages in the process of industrialization in the developed countries over the past 100 years have emerged in our country for more than 20 years, showing the characteristics of structural type, compound type, and compression type.
Since 2006, the national environmental protection investment has reached more than 550 billion yuan, accounting for 1.24% of the GDP for the same period; a series of policies to promote pollution reduction, such as prices, fiscal and taxation, finance, and securities, have also been introduced, and the government has also increased emission reductions. Assessment of target responsibility. With the joint efforts of all parties, the total emissions of sulfur dioxide and chemical oxygen demand in the country fell by 4.66% and 3.14%, respectively, for the first time in 2007.
Although our country’s environmental protection work has achieved phased results, we cannot relax our vigilance. As represented on behalf of the members, "China's population will continue to increase in the next 15 years, the total economic output will be quadrupled, resources and energy consumption will continue to grow, and environmental protection will face increasing pressure." This is precisely the original intention of our country to upgrade the State Environmental Protection Administration to the Ministry of Environmental Protection: China will further increase the overall coordination and coordination of environmental policies, plans, and major issues, implement national emission reduction targets, and strengthen environmental protection responsibilities. It can be foreseen that the environmental protection of the petroleum and chemical industries has become even more urgent.
As we all know, the petroleum and chemical industry is not only a big energy consumer, it is also a big emitter. At present, the petroleum and chemical industry emits 3.5 billion tons of industrial wastewater and 1.2 trillion cubic meters of industrial exhaust gas each year, generating 68 million tons of industrial solid waste, ranking first, fourth, and fifth respectively in the "three wastes" emissions of the industrial sector in the country. The emissions of major pollutants such as COD, cyanide, ammonia nitrogen, petroleum, sulfur dioxide and dust are also among the highest in the national industrial sector. Especially for dyes, pesticides, fine chemicals and other enterprises that discharge pollutants in the production process, the current pollution control technology is still difficult to meet the actual needs. The environmental protection tasks of the petroleum and chemical industries are still very arduous.
It is understood that the establishment of the Ministry of Environmental Protection will transform our country's post-acquisition and punishment of environmental pollution into ex ante assessment and prevention. This move will effectively promote the pace of establishing green chemical industry in the oil and chemical industry, promote clean production in an all-round way, and vigorously develop the recycling economy. , Efforts to save energy and reduce emissions. It is believed that in the near future, the land in China will surely be “greener, clearer, and more blue”.

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