·The 2015 World Car is equipped with multiple TRW safety technologies

TRW (Tianhe) Automotive Holding Co., Ltd. (NYSE: TRW), a supplier of automotive active/passive safety technology, said that among the ten finalists of the 2015 World Car of the Year, nine of them were announced. Multiple TRW security technologies are configured.

Peter Lake, Executive Vice President of Sales and Business Development at TRW, said: “As the driving environment and car safety standards continue to change, the importance of vehicle safety and driver assistance technologies is growing. We are honored to see so many world year-ends. The models are equipped with the company's safety products. This also shows that no matter what level of the car is inseparable from safety technology."

From the selection of all the models launched in the year, the world's automotive industry's professional journalists voted to vote for the best cars. The award was established in 2003 to reflect the overall overview of the global auto market and to select the best model of the year from a global perspective.

The 2015 World Cars list has a total of ten models, nine of which are equipped with TRW's multiple safety and driving assistance technologies, including forward-looking obstacle recognition cameras, long-range radar, brake systems, steering wheels, seat belts, and safety. System sensing electronics. It is worth mentioning that TRW is the first to be used in the production of innovative "bag-in-roof" ceiling airbags on production cars. This technology replaces the traditional airbags installed on the instrument panel, which is aesthetically pleasing, ergonomic and functional, and saves space inside the instrument panel.

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