Weichai Guoliu Power Challenge Zero Celsius at 40°C

During the winter months of the twelfth lunar month, I have never been to Heihe, and have not experienced the ice and snow of Hulunbeier. How dare I assume the name of “king of power”!

When the “Six Powers” ​​of others’ homes are still on the drawings or in the laboratory, Weichai’s Guoliu Power has chosen to be in the coldest season, and the northern upper cold region is challenging the extreme cold of minus 40°C.

Weichai Engine Engineers record operating data

January 24, 2018, Laba Festival, the seventh day of the four or nine cold days, 5 am. Heihe City, Heilongjiang Province, is adjacent to the Heilongjiang ice surface in Russia, and the temperature is almost equal to minus 40°C. Weichai engineers started the vehicle and recorded the operating data.

Weichai Engine Engineers experiment in extreme cold

The extremely cold test will last for one month and there will be a large number of test projects involving WP13, WP12, WP10H, WP7 and other models, with the full range of national six-power products.

The engine chill test is very complicated. Except for the most intuitive cold start, dynamic performance, heating, and safety, the number of test items is more than 100 items. It is not only the test of the entire vehicle, but also every component must be tested to ensure that the product meets the requirements.

The experienced Weichai engineers know that the low-temperature environment, the impact on the engine and the vehicle, how to select the test site, how to fully expose the test problems, and improve the engine quality, these are crucial.

Weichai engine chasing ice and snow all the way, looking for the best time for extremely cold experiments, at this time Heilongjiang noodles, cold winds, frozen, frozen bones, engineers personally demonstrated "drinking water into ice", which is exactly the temperature we need!

Trucks Shaanxi Auto heavy truck Extreme cold test

The leader of Weichai’s “Three High” experiment told reporters: “If the temperature does not meet the requirements, the test cannot be completed under the limit, and the verification is not complete, it may leave hidden dangers for the product.” So, the colder the engineers are, the harder they are. foot!

In addition to northward Heihe, Weichai engineers also rushed to Hulunbeier, Inner Mongolia. The environment here is even harsher and colder than Heihe. Another batch of gas engines has undergone more severe challenges here.

Weichai Engine Weichai engines "guardians"

Some people say that they are "ice dancers", but they say that they are "guardians" of the Weichai engine. Every day, every item, every test is extremely strict and strives for perfection.

Snow, ice, equipment, spare parts, night lights to sort out the test data, all the efforts and efforts, only to: build the world's strongest power!


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