Accurate marketing, Xugong integration with the car hanging Nanchang to a new height!

Recently, many places in southern China have been raining and rainy weather. As the rain gradually increases, most of the owners can't get out of the car and stay at home. In order to let users better understand the characteristics and performance of XCMG's truck cranes, and to identify potential customers more accurately, the dealers in Nanchang have been planning to start. Xugong integrated truck crane product series patrol exhibition and product promotion symposium, the exhibition car sold out, and an additional 10 orders deposit.

Xugong product promotion activities

Xugong Automobile and Xugong’s staff in the Jiangxi office were all present, and relevant personnel of the supporting manufacturers were also invited to attend. The atmosphere of the car-hanging activities was hot, and the users actively talked about the test drive and experience. The on-site exhibition car was sold out and an additional 10 users were ordered to deposit the car deposit. This round of special product promotion activities pushed the local truck crane product market to a new high and achieved great success.

With the crane, an essential tool for lifting and transporting the city has been widely accepted by the public because of its convenient use, ability to meet functional requirements, and cost savings. Xugong integrated truck crane is the only chassis and top-loading integrated product in the industry. The integrated truck-mounted crane adopts intelligent production line, and 18 procedures are completed in one go. The intelligent rail-guided vehicle and the welding station are automatically docked, and the manufacturing process is more precise and precise. The welding parameters are connected to the network, and the MES system and the intelligent Internet of Things platform are used for real-time monitoring and data acquisition, and the quality control is standardized and the process control is refined.

Xugong product promotion activities

Since Xugong Heavy Truck and the brothers Xugong Motor Company have joined forces to implement the “Double G” linkage, they have continuously implemented the product concept of “Technology Leading, No Destruction, Crafts”, and the performance of the truck crane products is constantly improving. . “Production integration, sales integration, service integration”, Xugong integrated truck crane has the superiority that other brands can't match, and it is more and more favored by users. The sales in Nanchang gradually climbed and received in the household group. More praise.

The on-site dealer sales staff gave a detailed explanation of the vehicle performance, price and service policy. The users where the exhibition car went were competing to visit and test drive, giving unanimous praise. According to many users who have purchased too many Xugong integrated truck cranes, Xugong's car quality is good, the service is also timely, help them earn a house, car, "choose Xugong, really successful."

Xugong product promotion activities

At the symposium held after the tour, the dealers explained in detail the model, configuration, performance, after-sales service policy of Xugong integrated truck cranes, and announced the latest sales policy, which pushed the atmosphere to a hot climax. The users actively talked about the car experience, rushed to order the vehicle, and the on-site exhibition car was directly delivered by the user. Many users who have settled their deposits are even remorseful. They have said that this "profit making tool" will let others get ahead of their hands and hope that dealers can transfer new cars as soon as possible.

This round of special promotion activities not only harvested the orders, but also gave users a deeper understanding of Xugong's corporate culture and production strength, further enhancing the visibility and reputation of the Xugong brand in the local area, and pushing the local integrated truck crane market. To the new high. (This article is from Xugong Heavy Truck)

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