Explosion-proof power supply box correct operation method

1. According to the actual lighting needs of the work site, determine the installation position and mode of the lamp, and then prepare the three-core cable of the corresponding length according to the distance from the lamp to the 220V power contact;
2. First remove the fixing screws on the wiring cavity, pull out the wiring part of the junction box, and install according to the product manual and actual conditions;
3. When replacing the lamp, first cut off the power supply, then use the Allen key to remove the set screw on the housing, use a large screwdriver or other tools to loosen the lamp cover 6 times, then carefully remove the lamp cover by hand. , unscrew the old bulb and replace it with a new one.
Explosion-proof power distribution box has a great effect. If it is because we have not operated properly, and the explosion-proof power distribution box will not explode, the consequences will be serious. Therefore, the correct operation method of the explosion-proof power distribution box must be remembered to avoid these problems.
The explosion-proof power distribution box is mainly used in more dangerous places, and its role is also quite powerful. However, the explosion-proof power distribution box is powerful and also a product, and it needs people to overhaul it. Due to the relationship between the explosion-proof power distribution box itself and its performance, the maintenance work is also indispensable, and the maintenance personnel must also bear in mind the precautions for the explosion-proof power distribution box to work on the explosion-proof power distribution box.
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