"Inducing the enemy deep" frequency vibration insecticidal lamp insecticide active effect

In agricultural production, the frequent “harassment” of pests has already plagued farmers’ friends, and the traditional way of pesticides and insecticides has brought new problems in agricultural product safety and environmental pollution. Therefore, traditional insecticide methods are increasingly difficult to support. Modern green agriculture development. So what effective methods of insecticide in modern agriculture are safe and effective? Physical insecticidal technology such as frequency-vibration insecticidal lamps can be a good choice.

Frequency-vibration insecticidal lamp

For pest control, pesticide pest control is not the most ideal pest control method. In recent years, with the development of science and technology and the rise of green agriculture, pest control in the agricultural field has paid more attention to science and environmental protection. The insecticidal methods have also begun to move from single pesticides to integrated prevention and control, in which frequency-vibration insecticidal lamps are used. Physical insecticide is the most effective way to kill insects. What is more important is that this insecticide method is friendly to the agricultural environment. It does not produce harmful substances during the insecticide process. It is highly compatible with the development of green agriculture. Green prevention and control technology.

One move "to lure the enemy deeper", so that agricultural pests have rushed to "suicide." In fact, many agricultural pests have phototaxis, because all insects will react to certain light waves. The frequency-vibration insecticidal lamp is based on the phototaxis of pests to trap insects. In the evening, the frequency-vibration insecticidal lamp is lit in the field, not for lighting, but to lure the enemy through the light source and kill the insects by electric shock.

The frequency-vibration insecticidal lamp has a good effect on insecticidal activity. In recent years, it has been widely used by vegetable bases, large fields and orchards, so that the vast number of farmers have seen its great power. The use of frequency-vibration insecticidal lamps to kill insects is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, can reduce pesticide residues, reduce environmental pollution, and improve product quality and reduce pest losses. Therefore, it is on the road of vigorously promoting the green development of agriculture. Insect lamps have become the most widely used insecticidal equipment, and have been recognized and welcomed by farmers.

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