Application prospects and precautions of soil solution extractor

Soil solution refers to the soil interstitial water containing solute and dissolved gas. It is the place where soil chemical reaction and soil formation process take place. Therefore, soil solution is an important content of soil, plant nutrition, ecological environment and other disciplines. It is currently effective and common. The method for collecting soil solution is to use a soil solution extractor, which provides a reliable method and technology for extracting soil solution.

Soil solution extractor

With the continuous deepening of soil research, how to effectively extract soil solution has become an important technical problem. The soil solution extractor is born and put into use in this context. Therefore, the soil solution extractor has a very broad application prospect. The solution extractor is used to carry out research work related to soil solution, which can be used to monitor the ecological environment, study the spatial and temporal distribution, mobility and effectiveness of soil nutrients, the migration of chemical substances in soil, the agronomy and environmental significance of elemental leaching, and heavy metal elements. The research on mobility, biological effectiveness and other aspects provide important reference.

The soil solution extractor is an important instrument for extracting soil solution and collecting soil solution. Therefore, understanding the working performance and actual extraction effect of the soil solution extractor and the application prospect of the soil solution in the eco-environment can make the corresponding research work more effective. In the ecological environment survey and evaluation, a large number of practices have shown that the use of soil solution extractor for soil solution sampling is feasible, but in order to exert the good performance of the instrument, besides operating the soil solution extractor, besides strictly following the operation To standardize the operation and master the operation skills of the soil solution extractor, it is also necessary to intensify research on factors such as depth of burial, inclination, sampling frequency and sampling time, and to maintain the soil solution extractor after sampling. , And then extend the life of the instrument to ensure its sampling results.

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