Buy a sprinkler to pay attention to what details

Before buying a sprinkler , users must understand in depth what functions and uses it needs to buy a sprinkler. Generally, in places where enterprises and institutions and nearby fire brigades are few, sprinklers should be equipped with emergency fire fighting functions under their own circumstances. In this way, it can be used to meet operational needs in peacetime. In the event of a fire, it can be used for emergency firefighting. In the shortest possible time, the fire can be extinguished in the bud, and everyone's personal safety and property safety threats can be minimized.
The landscaping company must tell the manufacturer to purchase the car before purchasing the sprinkler. This way, the professional sales staff will provide your car with the most practical and least expensive equipment according to your needs. For example: Landscaping sprinklers need to water plants, emergency drought, emergency pest control spray, construction of branches and so on. Then a professional sales person will advise you to purchase the cans after rust treatment, with a convenient spray pan, long fire hoses to facilitate long-distance drought, lifting platform can reduce the expense to ensure that the entire vehicle with Can be pruned branches of safe lifting platform and so on.
In addition, you must test the water yourself before buying the sprinkler to ensure that the sprinkler has good watering performance. Especially during the winter season, after the sprinkler driver completes the operation, he should remind the driver to drain the water inside the tank and open the small water valve at the bottom of the sprinkler to ensure that the water in the pump is drained. This can prevent the water pump from freezing at low temperatures.

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