How to clean tanker engine

Tank car engine maintenance is very important, the engine directly affects the performance of the tanker. Compared with other special vehicles, its running distance is more and it runs frequently. Most of its application time is running, and Heavy weight, especially for large tankers, such as the first four after eight oil tankers, customers who choose tank trucks will pay great attention to the selection of tanker engines, because the performance of the engine determines the performance of the tanker. Good and bad, in fact, engine maintenance is also indispensable, often cleaning the engine cooling system is particularly important, because a long time driving, the tank car engine cooling system will produce a lot of scale, scale is a very large thermal resistance material When the thickness exceeds 1mm, the performance of the heat sink is greatly reduced. Therefore, the scale in the cooling system must be regularly removed.

There are two kinds of cleaning agents commonly used to remove scale, one is to add 750g of caustic soda and 250g of kerosene in 5000g of water; the other is to add 1000g of soda powder and 500g of kerosene in 5000g of water. The amount of cleaning agent should be determined according to the amount of cooling water. The descaling step is:

1. The engine of the tank truck is extinguished at the normal working temperature, and the net cooling water is immediately discharged (the thermostat with a thermostat shall be removed), and the cleaning agent shall be added to the cooling system.

2. Start the engine of the tank truck and run at medium speed for 5 to 10 minutes. During this period, several revolutions can be changed to change the flow rate of the cleaning agent and flush out the deposits in the system. Then stop for 10-12 hours to allow the cleaning agent to fully react with the scale.

3. Restart the tank car engine and turn off the engine after 5 to 10 minutes of medium speed operation. Remove the cleaning agent while hot.

4. Change into clean water and continue to clean it two or three times until the released water is free from dirt.

5. Reinstall the thermostat and clean up.


Tank car engine maintenance is a long-term process. Regularly cleaning the scale of the engine cooling system can achieve better results.

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