The government needs to further liberalize the shipping market

The government needs to further liberalize the shipping market A few days ago, at the opening of the 2013 Dalian Davos Forum, Chen Feng, chairman of the board of directors of HNA Group, suggested that the government further liberalize the market for air transport, which can make the allocation of air traffic control resources more adequate.

Chen Feng said that while opening up the air transport market, the safety issue should be studied in a modest manner. “This is the responsibility of the National Civil Aviation Administration. I want to let it go. Let's let it go. Safety must also be ensured. ".

Regarding the reform measures of the new government, Chen Feng stated that it is necessary to highlight one that can be turned into a service-oriented government as much as possible, can be done in the market, do it as much as possible in the market, do what the company can do, and try to do as much as possible. “I think it was still after the reform and opening up in the 1930s. , proposed new requirements for enterprise development and social development."

Immediately after the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, Chen Feng expressed the hope that the Plenary Session will bring about new development policies for enterprises and bring more favorable effects to China's economic transformation and social development.

The HNA Group, which covers aviation, industry, finance, tourism, and logistics, has a total assets of nearly 460 billion yuan by the end of 2012, and total annual revenue of more than 120 billion yuan. As the helm and the legal representative, Chen Feng said that HNA’s joint-stock company, which is a modern enterprise system mixed with multiple economies, has private-owned components, but it also has state-owned and foreign-funded components.

“This type of enterprise system is not the same as traditional private enterprises. The reason why we succeed is to absorb all the elements of a modern enterprise system, including the flexibility of the non-public economy and the advanced and strict management of the modern enterprise system. Therefore, I think that in the future aviation industry, as long as the policies are properly implemented and policies are further liberalized, this prospect of greater development will surely be achieved.

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