Challenged 490,000 sales targets Yuchai launched 2013 marketing battle

On February 17, 2013, Wu Qiwei, general manager of Yuchai Corporation, and Ning Xingyong, party secretary, led Qigong Chai Cultural Center, a member of the management team of the company, to compete for marketing talents who are going to major domestic and foreign marketing battlefields.

In 2013, the company had to achieve the sales target of “guarantee 455,000 units, compete for 470,000 units, and challenge 490,000 units, and further increase its market share”. This requires that employees stick to the market segment, maintain the advantage market, and expand domestic and overseas markets. The market is striving to fulfill the task.

Wu Qiwei is full of confidence in 2013. He said that although the market is very difficult, the environment has not fundamentally improved, but after the 2012 baptism, the company is more mature and coordinated than any other year at any time. The company is also fully capable of accomplishing the annual target mission. . The marketing staff also stated that they will use their confidence to win the overall victory in the 2013 market battle.

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