Dry sweeper function and maintenance methods

Dry-type sweepers are actually the dust-collecting vehicles that people often say in their daily lives. The relevant environmental protection departments in many large, medium, and small cities in China now choose to use vacuum cleaners to clean roads. Especially in terms of road flushing, the sweeping effect of the vacuum cleaner is quite thorough. Compared with the conventional sweeper, it also has a great breakthrough in terms of technology. So today is ready to share with friends about the dry sweeper function and related maintenance methods!


The reason why it is called the “ dry sweeper ” is closely related to the principle of its work. As mentioned above, the dry sweeper is in the cleaning process compared to the traditional sweeper. It is done by airflow, which means that this type of sweeper does not need to waste water and it does not need to waste brushes. It is only necessary to collect impurities and some dust on the road surface through the movement of air flow. Considering from the perspective of environmental protection and energy conservation, the work efficiency of the vacuum cleaner is not only very high but also saves energy!

At present, common vacuum cleaners are mainly used for road washing, cleaning, etc. In fact, no matter what kind of hard ground, vacuum cleaners can do a good job of cleaning, including granite, slate, and asphalt roads. In addition to its wide sweeping range, the cleaning effect is also very significant, as small as tens of micron dust or stones that are clearly visible to the naked eye can be easily cleaned.

The most critical is that the dry sweeper is also very simple to maintain, because its own structure is relatively simple, while the wear caused by the operation process is relatively small, so the maintenance cost is relatively low. The maintenance of the exterior of the road sweeper is mainly to paint the surface and body of the car. The maintenance of the interior of the road sweeper includes the engine cleaning and the replacement of the glass water. If you drive for about 5,000 kilometers, you can consider changing the oil. Carry out these simple maintenance to ensure the service life of the dry sweeper!

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