European machine tool industry seeks high-end, customized global market

Well-made "Made in Germany" is Germany's pride and the world's praise for them. Made in Europe, it is also characterized by high quality and high technology.

The Survey of Business Confidence Survey 2011 shows that EU companies in China believe that their main advantages over Chinese companies are product quality (73%), product innovation and design (70%), and management efficiency (69%). Especially in the industrial products and service industries, 82% of the respondents believe that product quality is the main competitive advantage.

In the world machine tool industry, the European machine tool industry has maintained its leading position in the world machine tool market for many years thanks to its high degree of innovation, diversification, and precision products. FilipGeerts, CECIMO's Director General, said: "Our good reputation is based on innovation and providing high-quality manufacturing solutions for overseas industries."

The reputation of European manufacturing in China can indeed be associated with high end. DMG, Shriver, these brands are already familiar with the industry, its products have become synonymous with high-end manufacturing. Although the financial crisis hit hard, although some of the world’s manufacturing powers, including the United States, view manufacturing as a sunset industry, although it is undeniable that there is indeed a gradient shift in the world’s manufacturing industry, the European machine tool industry clearly does not speak for itself. Give up your position in the manufacturing industry. After knowing its own characteristics and adhering to its own advantages, the European machine tool industry has mobilized such a future for itself: “To build a European knowledge-based and competitive manufacturing industry, we must protect this major industry in Europe.” At the same time, they also fully adhered to and expanded their advantages. CECIMO called for high-precision machine tool manufacturing to strive to increase its global market share to 80%.

In fact, China has always been a shortage in the development, production, and manufacturing of high-end machine tools. Although the market share and numerical control rate of China's machine tool products have been continuously increasing in recent years, China still needs a lot of imports from abroad, especially from Europe. In 2010, China's machine tool product trade deficit was 8.042 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 81.07% year-on-year, a record high in recent years.

Under the new world economic situation, the European machine tool industry has also made many efforts to welcome the new era. Under the guidance of the “EU in 2020: to establish smart, environmentally friendly markets” strategy, European machine tools have begun to use “green and environmental protection” as their main playing card.

According to the latest news from Germany, the German Siemens Group and the National Development and Reform Commission signed a memorandum of understanding. China will support the development of green technologies in areas including energy conservation, smart power transmission, carbon capture technology and sustainable transportation systems. Smart grids and electric vehicles are the seven strategic emerging industries China has just identified last year. When some Chinese equipment companies are still discussing such as “how to support new industries” and “what exactly are the supporting methods and approaches,” Siemens has already won the lead.

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