Fast achieved sales of 8.26 billion yuan in the first three quarters

In the first three quarters of the Fast Group, the cumulative sales revenue was 8.26 billion yuan; the total industrial output value was 8.142 billion yuan; the production and sales of automobile transmissions were 531,875 sets and 540,875 sets; and the foreign exchange earned through exports was US$ 27,827,900, an increase of 125.4% year-on-year. Among them, in September, production and sales income was 625 million yuan and 620 million yuan; 40,128 sets of automobile transmissions and 40,309 were produced and sold; and exports earned 3,843,400 US dollars, an increase of 78.26% year-on-year.

In the first three quarters of 2011, during the adjustment of the market, the Fast Group Company transformed its pressure into a driving force and turned challenges into opportunities. Through the adjustment of product structure, extension of the industrial chain, and strengthening of scientific management, the company will give full play to its innovative advantages and technological advantages. , brand advantages and financial advantages, and constantly accelerating the pace of scientific and technological innovation and product innovation, developed a series of new transmission products not only achieved new breakthroughs in hardware innovation, but also achieved a qualitative leap in software applications, energy saving, environmental protection, significant benefits With obvious advantages in quality and performance, the new products with light weight, energy saving, automation, and environmental protection are favored by the market users, quickly seize the market commanding height, and fully demonstrate Fast's product innovation strength and technological innovation strength to design concept. The updated new products with higher technological content, more refined manufacturing technology, better product quality, and better working performance provide better service for users in domestic and foreign markets. Fast's development speed and development strength have won high attention and unanimous praise from users at home and abroad. Automatic transmissions such as AMT and AT developed in cooperation with foreign countries are becoming new bright spots for the rapid development of enterprises, and they have won broader development prospects for enterprises.

Dock Leveler

The Dock Leveler is an inclined bridge built between the storage platform and the freight car, which is widely used in docks, platforms and warehouses. For forklift trucks to load and unload.
Designed to China JB/T9229 -2013, Australia AS3990, AS3000, America ANSI MH-30.9 -2007. Extensive load bearing cycle testing conducted to prove perdurability. Design confirmed through the latest computer generated finite element analysis. Deck features narrowly spaced support beams (max 200mm) for superior structural integrity. High tensile reinforced anti-slip steel checker plate load lip offers added strength and the smoothest transition between chamfered lip edge and trailer floor.

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