Five Seeding Techniques for Peanut Drought Resistance

The spring drought is not conducive to the timely sowing of spring peanuts, affecting the improvement of peanut production. In order to timely sow and ensure the whole seedlings, five simple and practical sowing methods are introduced.

First, the sowing method This method is used in the case of a layer of dry soil on the topsoil, the bottom of the planting techniques used in the case. On the afternoon of sowing, one day after the sowing, the whole soil layer was repressed one by one with the help of capillary gravity to increase the moisture content of the surface layer (usually about 2% higher). This method is simple and easy to use, and it can ensure the seed germination rate.

Second, stuffy pods sown in the production areas with irrigated conditions, in accordance with the sowing requirements before sowing ditch irrigation water, soil filling after the boring earthworms, the next day or the third day of the original ridge ditching, and then sowing. This approach is close to the best natural sensation, saves water, and has good seedling preservation.

III. Seedling sowing In non-irrigation areas, after the soil is thawed, the planting distance of peanuts is pre-printed into small ridges to maintain a certain level of lyricism. When sowing, use the rake to sow the ridges into the ditch. This method is good for fleas and seedlings.

Fourth, "bags" sow a dry seed "bag" and water "bag" two. The soil moisture is good, and the dry seed is used as a “bag”; the soil moisture is not good and the water type is used as a “bag”. The method is to open the ditch with a depth of 3 centimeters with a rake or a rake, dry seed “bags” after the ditching, and plant seeds with soil; the water “bags” are sown after the ditching, and then sowed. Use a plough or rake to put a string of ditch on the "bag" and cover the soil 6 to 10 centimeters. After dry seed “bag” sowing and water seed “bag” when the soil moisture content is suitable for suppression with Shizizi Shun Ridge, after 3 to 5 days, about 80% of the peanut radicles grow to 4-5 When centimeters are used,

Fifth, with shell seeding There are two kinds of shelled seedlings, one is exposed strip shell sowing, said open field fruiting; the other is seeded with a cover membrane, said the fruit cover film cultivation. Whether it is the open field fruit planting or fruit cover film, the effect of increasing production is very significant. The specific method of this sowing technique is to select a medium-mature, large peanut variety full of nuts as a seed, soak it in warm water at about 40°C for 20-24 hours, remove and dry it, and then place the double-fruit from the waist. Simmer into a single fruit. The monomer should be pinched (or soaked first) and sown. As the peanuts are protected by the husks, the kernels are generally free from frost damage and need to be sowed in advance. They are usually planted before the beginning of April and 1 month ahead of rice sowing.

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