·Shenzhen car increment indicator shakes out 8422 indicators

At 3:00 pm on March 26, the Shenzhen Small Car Incremental Index was held in the second phase of 2015, with a total of 8,422 incremental car indicators.
According to the classification order of individual ordinary cars, ordinary cars, individual electric cars, and unit electric cars, four rounds of rocking numbers were sequentially performed on the spot.
The four types of incremental indicators shaken out in this period are: 3912 individual ordinary car increment indicators, 542 units of ordinary car increment indicators, 164 individual electric car increment indicators, 9 units of electric cars Incremental indicator. The four types of indicators were generated after four rounds of shaking, and the entire lottery process lasted about 60 minutes. The Nanshan Notary Office was responsible for the whole process of notarization.
The number of valid codes for participating in this year's lottery was 159,770, including: 159,597 effective codes for ordinary cars, including 158,389 individuals and 1,208 units; 173 electric cars were effectively coded, including 164 individuals and 9 units.
In the second phase of 2015, there were 8,422 incremental indicators for car configuration, including: 4,454 ordinary car increment indicators, 3912 individuals, 542 of them; 3,968 electric car increment indicators, including individuals 3,439 units and 529 units.
Since the indicators of the first phase of the unsuccessful allocation of the lottery are included in the current allocation according to the regulations, the incremental indicators of the car configured in the lottery mode in this period actually contain 1755 indicators that were not successfully configured in the previous period, including the unit's ordinary car index. There are 1484 individual electric car indicators and 262 unit electric car indicators.
Twelve applicants who passed the qualification review and voluntarily signed up participated in the on-site rocking.

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