Which imported silicon phosphorus crystal is a good choice Jingzhou

Which imported silicon phosphorus crystal is a good choice Jingzhou

Silicon-phosphorous crystals / Li-Jing (for Li-jing) Currently the only one independently developed and produced, silicon-phosphorous crystals / regents are unique features with strong anti-corrosion descaling, it is not affected by the distance, as long as the water contains a little bit Insignificant quantities (1-3ppm), including water purifiers, solar water heaters, hot water boilers, boilers, heat exchangers and hot water pipes, etc. The entire water system will be well protected against rust and scale. Energy consumption is saved by 30%, equipment life is doubled or tens of times longer, and investment is only about 2-3% of equipment cost. The dissolved silicon and phosphorus molecules are harmless and beneficial to human body in Europe, America and South Korea. The area has been widely used and the product's performance is very stable.

Which imported silicon phosphorus crystal Jingzhou good election (a). Silicon-phosphorus crystals / to the regent make many hotels, baths, guest houses solve the long-term headache of bathing hot water is rusted red water problem.

(b). The silicon-phosphorus crystal/regent crystal has made the water pipe a fundamental anti-corrosion protection, so that water heaters, central air conditioners eliminate scale, save a lot of energy, and greatly extend the life of the electric heating pipe.

(c). The use of silicon-phosphorus crystals/rendered crystal water processors eliminated the contamination of corroded materials and fundamentally protected the cleanliness of raw water. As a result, the quality of the water can be restored to the clarity of the raw water, and the maintenance costs for sanitary ware and water equipment are greatly reduced.

(d). Silicon-phosphorus crystals/Regent has made a series of good chain effects for water heaters, water pipes and other water equipment.

(e) The company has introduced advanced production equipment from the world. Over the years, it has insisted on “honesty”. It can use our products first, and then make payments, failing to achieve good results without money.

(6) Most of the silicon-phosphorus crystals/Ruijing crystals disappeared in one week or so, and the rust-red water became clear. In the future, no scale and colored rust water occurred.

(seven). The company specializes in solving rust and yellow water problems caused by pipeline corrosion, protecting pipelines, anti-corrosion and anti-scaling of pipelines and water supply equipment, preventing secondary pollution, prolonging service life, protecting raw water from pipeline pollution and ensuring raw water quality.
Which imported silicon-phosphorus crystal is a good choice for Jingzhou In addition, the silicon-phosphorus crystal jar produced by our company is a special dosing reaction device used together with silicon-phosphorus crystals, and it is a special container for silicon-phosphorus crystals. The tank body is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel plates, which has a long service life and meets the national food grade standards. For different service conditions, one can consider the choice of plastic, glass, steel, carbon steel, or stainless steel silicon-phosphorus crystal jars. Our company can produce different specifications and models of silicon-phosphorus crystal jars according to customers' specific requirements, and customers who purchase silicon-phosphorus crystal from our company can purchase silicon-phosphorus crystal jars at cost price, and our company also produces family-type 1kg silicon-phosphorus crystals. Cans can meet the different needs of different industries. The prices are lower than the market price. Silicon-phosphoric crystal jars can be automatically dosed with water, without special personnel on duty. Silicon phosphorus crystals are added once every 3-6 months. This equipment will not cause pressure drop to the original water supply equipment system.

Which imported silicon-phosphorus crystal is a good choice Jingzhou Our YD series silicon-phosphorus crystal jar has the advantages of long service life, low price and complete model. The silicon-phosphorus crystal jar is easy to use, and the silicon-phosphorus crystal jar can be automatically added with water without special personnel. The silicon-phosphorus crystal is added once every 3-6 months, no maintenance, no power consumption, minimal water pressure loss.

Which imported silicon phosphorus crystal is a good choice Jingzhou

Silicon-phosphorus crystal jars consist of tubes, cylinders, inlet and outlet strainers, flanges, flange covers, and fasteners. Prevents silicon-phosphorus crystals from flowing from the tank into the pipeline. Ensure that the heating equipment, pumps, etc. can work and operate normally. Silicon-phosphorus crystal jars have the advantages of compact structure, low pressure loss, corrosion resistance, easy maintenance and so on. When the water enters the bottom of the first screen through the diversion tube, the silicon-phosphorus crystals are on the screen. The water passes through the filter and the silicon-phosphorus crystals exit the second filter outlet. When cleaning is required, close the inlet and outlet valves, open the drain valve, drain the water in the tank, unscrew the upper screw plug of the tank, and remove the flange cover. After cleaning, re-install it.

Which imported silicon-phosphorus crystal is a good choice Jingzhou silicon-phosphorus crystal and silicon-phosphorus crystal jar has been widely used in domestic residential buildings, hotels, high-rise buildings, hospitals, schools, bath sauna center, factories and other water supply pipeline anti-corrosion, scale inhibition ; Air-conditioning cooling frozen water, heat exchangers, small boilers, bath hot water, solar pipeline anti-scaling, living water treatment system.


Carbon Steel Products

What is carbon steel made of?
So-called carbon steel actually means the mechanics performance depends on is the carbon content in steel, general not add master alloy elements of the steel is also known as general carbon steel or carbon steel, and also called carbon steel, carbon steel means the carbon content WC is less than two percent of the iron carbon alloy, carbon and carbon steel in addition to outside, also contains a small amount of materials such as silicon, manganese, sulfur and phosphorus.
Generally carbon steel with higher carbon content will be harder and stronger, but the plasticity will be lower.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of carbon steel?
1. Higher hardness and better wear resistance of carbon steel can be obtained after heat treatment.
2. The hardness of carbon steel in annealed state is very moderate, and it has good machinability.
3, carbon steel raw materials are very common, simple and easy to obtain, and the cost of production is relatively low.
1, the thermal hardness of carbon steel will be poor, because when the working temperature of the tool is more than two hundred degrees, its hardness and wear resistance will drop sharply.
2, the hardenability of carbon steel is very low, water quenching completely quenched the diameter of the general in 15-18 mm, and for the diameter or thickness is only about 6 mm, so it will be relatively easy to deformation and cracking.
What are the classifications of carbon steel
1, according to the use of carbon steel can be divided into carbon structural steel, carbon tool steel and easy to cut structural steel these three categories.
2. According to the smelting method, carbon steel can be divided into open hearth steel, converter steel and electric furnace steel.
3. According to the method of deoxidation, carbon steel can be classified into efferrescent steel, killed steel, semi-killed steel and special killed steel, which are denoted by code F, Z, B and TZ respectively.
According to the carbon content, carbon steel can be divided into low carbon steel, medium carbon steel and high carbon steel.
5. According to the content of sulfur and phosphorus, carbon steel can be divided into ordinary carbon steel with higher content, high-quality carbon steel with lower content of phosphorus and sulfur, and high-grade high-quality steel with lower content of phosphorus and sulfur, and finally there is a super grade of high-quality steel these four categories.

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