Truck gearbox upgrades ZF and AS-Tronic gearboxes at the Petroleum Equipment Show

On March 26, 2015, the 15th China International Petroleum and Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition was held in Beijing. ZF gearboxes unveiled ZF-AS Tronic series manual gearboxes .

ZF Brings AS-Tronic Gearboxes to Petroleum Equipment Show
ZF Brings AS-Tronic Gearboxes to Petroleum Equipment Show

It is understood that the ZF-AS Tronic series tiptronic gearbox has been widely used in trucks and passenger cars and has been perfectly interpreted with the engine power transmission. Its maximum input torque can reach 3000Nm. The debut ZF-AS Tronic series manual gearboxes are based on trucks and passenger car gearboxes, and are upgraded and upgraded to assist petroleum machinery and equipment.

ZF-AS Tronic gearboxes are small, lightweight, compact, reliable and strong. A wide range of speed ratios, strong power output that is fully qualified for drilling, cementing, and fracturing require rigorous work day and night. The ZF-AS Tronic gearbox is easy to install and easy to operate (with optional remote control accessories) and can be operated in the car or on a stationary work platform. And optional systems such as clutch power take-off, gearbox engine power take-off NMV, front torque converter can make your daily work easier and increase production capacity.

The ZF gearbox and axle system can be applied to a variety of specific conditions. These transmission components ensure that the customer's equipment achieves optimal performance, maximum benefits and optimum comfort. High reliability and user-friendly operation ensure maximum performance.

The success of the manual gearbox stems from its fuel economy. The engine can always be kept in the optimal speed range, and the power can be efficiently transmitted to the drive axle, so as to achieve the effect of fuel economy.

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