The second quarter auto industry sentiment index continues to decline

The second quarter auto industry sentiment index issued jointly by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers and the National Bureau of Statistics of China’s Economic Prosperity Test Center shows that the automotive industry climate index continues to be in a downward path in the second quarter of this year; it is dragged down by marketing indicators such as output, sales revenue and taxes. The early-warning index of the automotive industry fell significantly, from the “green light district” into the cold “light blue light district”, and the industry development entered the adjustment stage.

In the second quarter of 2011, the automotive industry sentiment index was 101.1 points (the growth rate in 2001 was 100), which was 0.5 points lower than the first quarter of this year, and fell for four consecutive quarters. Among the six indicators that constitute the boom index for the automotive industry, apart from the increase in the number of auto parts exports and the number of auto employees, the auto industry's fixed asset investment, auto sales, auto industry taxation, and auto industry's total profit The indicators have all declined in different degrees.

In the second quarter of 2011, the early-warning index of the automotive industry reflecting the degree of coldness and heat in the automotive industry was 76.6 points, which was a decrease of 20 points from the previous quarter. The warning signs for the automotive industry went down from the “green light area” to the “light blue light area”. "run. Reflecting the indicators for the production and operation of the automotive industry, the output signal will change from "light blue" to "blue", the ex-factory price index will change from "red" to "yellow", and the number of employees will change from "red" to "green". The sales revenue signals changed from "green" to "light blue", and the tax lights changed from "light blue" to "blue", which made the early warning index of the automotive industry fall significantly. From the "green light district" to the "light green district", the development of the industry Enter the adjustment phase.

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