Xingfa Group to build 1.2 million tons of phosphate ore beneficiation project

Xingfa Group issued an announcement that the board of directors of the company reviewed and passed the proposal on the main project and supporting project for the construction of the 1.2 million-ton/year heavy medium mineral processing project of Xingang County Shukongping Mining Co., Ltd. on the 23rd.
Xingfa Group stated that the company's wholly-owned subsidiary Xingshan Shukongping Mining Co., Ltd. will invest 57.3764 million yuan to build the main project and supporting engineering of the 1.2 million tons/year heavy medium mineral processing project. The project is located in Maoyukun Village, Shuiyuesi Town, Xingshan County. It will build 600,000 tons/year of crushing and screening equipment; heavy medium mineral processing equipment; bunker and transport belt trestle; enrichment sediment, slime filter and public works.
The technological scheme adopts the method of crushing, screening and desliming pretreatment of the phosphate ore raw ore, and adopts a heavy-medium cyclone to sort out the phosphorus concentrate, and the medium and water are recovered and recycled after being processed. After the project is completed, it will help to maximize the utilization rate of phosphate rock resources, extend the service life of mines, and provide high-quality phosphorus concentrates for downstream chemical companies. After reaching production capacity, it can realize an annual sales income of 11.22 million yuan, an annual net profit of 900.35 million yuan, and an investment recovery period of approximately 6 years.
It is reported that the heavy medium phosphate ore beneficiation project belongs to the technical project encouraged by the state policy and conforms to the focus and direction of the national mineral resource planning. According to the overall planning for phosphate rock in Hubei Province, middle and low-grade phosphate rock should be developed in an orderly and scientific manner, resources should be rich and poor, mining should be combined with minerals and mineral fertilizers, and new mining projects must be rationally utilized. Poor mine.

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