China National Heavy Duty Truck Qingdao Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. Successfully Developed a New Push-type Dump Truck

Recently, a new type of dump truck was developed by China National Heavy Duty Truck Qingdao Heavy Industry Technology Center and successfully put into use. After the product was delivered to users in Inner Mongolia Mining Area for actual working condition test and verification, the technical indicators were stable and users were highly valued.
This push-type dump truck breaks through the design concept of a traditional dump truck and adopts a special double floor pusher structure. It does not need to lift the carriage to achieve cargo dumping by longitudinal translation of the front panel. The two-stage single-stage double-acting hydraulic cylinders are automatically controlled according to the pressure change, the hydraulic opening type rear plate, and the pneumatic locking type opening and closing mechanism make the operation of the vehicle unloading process convenient, safe and reliable, and solve the problem of height-reducing and quantitative unloading of the dump truck. The requirements for unloading under special conditions such as horizontal paving, hanging walls, and large roll slopes have the advantages of low center of gravity and high safety performance.
This product has enriched the product category of Qingdao Heavy Industry Qingzhuo's self-unloading product, improved the product technology level, and is close to the needs of users. At present, the model has completed the declaration of 7 patents including vehicle and hydraulic drive systems. (This article comes from China National Heavy Duty Truck)
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