Xiamen Shipbuilding Heavy Industry won 18 national patents

Recently, Xiamen Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. received the "Notice of Granting Utility Model Patent Rights" issued by the State Intellectual Property Office, and approved 18 technologies including the "Technical Improvement of 4900PCTC Anchor Forms" as national patents.
It is understood that utility model patents are one of the three types of patents protected by patent law. Utility models refer to new technical solutions suitable for practical use, such as small inventions or small, proposed for the shape, structure or combination of products. patent. The patented technology of Xiamen Shipbuilding Heavy Industries has not only improved the utility model technology, such as the improvement of the anchorage form of the automobile ro-ro ship and the design improvement of the new flexible connection structure of the garage deck, the technical improvement of the ship launching process, etc., but also the improvement of the tooling equipment. For example, the improvement of the level adjustment tooling of the diesel base, the improvement of the pipeline tightness test fixture, and the like.
Since its inception, the company has been advocating the wisdom and wisdom of its employees, developing and innovating in their respective positions, and reforming the small leather. There have been hundreds of technological innovation projects invented and created by company employees in the past 10 years. The high-end products such as the 30,000-ton container heavy-lift ship played an invaluable role, which effectively promoted the substantial increase in the overall production capacity of the enterprise. The company has established a long-term mechanism for judging and appreciating technological innovation and management progress at the end of each year. The employees who have won the awards for excellence and awards are rewarded with both spiritual and material rewards, which greatly stimulates the enthusiasm of employees for reform and innovation. The project that won the national patent is only one of the best.

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