Five Tips To Tell You To Deal With Bad Cooling Of The Sprinkler Engine

Symptoms: Overheated water There are 5 kinds of diseased engine and air-conditioning system with poor heat dissipation, resulting in high water temperature, the following kinds of failure phenomena will occur:

1. In poor traffic - traffic jam or long idle time, the engine water temperature indicator shows too high, the electronic fan high gear working time is too long, the engine noise increases, the air temperature is too high when the air conditioning is the most obvious failure.

Reminder: Air conditioning refrigerant filling too little or too much will reduce the cooling effect.

Car quotes: 5 warning signs to judge patients

When you drive a car to a repair shop and describe to maintenance workers the performance or the problems of the car, pay attention to the related noise and symptoms. It can be said that the more you learn about the car, the better it can describe the car breakdown and help the maintenance worker make the correct diagnosis, and thus can prescribe the right medicine.

1. New or abnormal noise is usually an indication of a car failure. For example, the low-pitched sound may be a bearing failure, or it may be just a problem with a tire; the screaming sound may indicate that the brake pad needs to be replaced or the belt is loosened. When describing a malfunction, it is best to clearly explain the cause or action of the noise.

2. In addition to the loss of performance or noise, the indication signal on the instrument panel is another place that cannot be ignored. Carefully read the car's user manual to understand the meaning of various signals, can help you find new faults in a timely manner.

3. If you feel that the steering wheel is tightened, the car is biased to one side, or there is abnormal vibration within a certain speed range while driving, you need to check the tires, or balance and position the wheels. Repairs in time when these problems have just been discovered can prevent the continued expansion of failures and avoid even greater losses.

4. The need to pay special attention to the brake system, because the brake system has a very close relationship with traffic safety, and ignoring such failures is tantamount to taking risks for individuals and others.

5. Pay attention to whether the car starts smoothly. If the car starts to become difficult to start, it is best to drive to the repair shop in time for maintenance.

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