Four safety knowledge for using the instrument

Four safety knowledge for using the instrument For those who have just contacted the instrument, they need to pay attention when using it. Because a lot of inattention can cause serious consequences, everyone must use the following four points when using the instrument.

1. The power cord and plug of the electronic instrument should be intact.

2. When testing components of high voltage parts, special attention should be paid to the physical and high voltage electrical insulation. It is best to use one hand to operate and stand on the insulation board to reduce the risk of electric shock. In the event of an electric shock, the main power supply should be cut off immediately and an emergency service must be provided.

3. When you experience burnt smell, ignition, etc. during the experiment, immediately shut off the power supply and check the circuit for troubleshooting.

4. The power should be cut off after the experiment to prevent accidents.

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