Summer hot season, municipal sweeper maintenance knowledge

The main contents of summer car maintenance are as follows: First, the sprinklers inspect the cooling system parts to ensure complete and complete, mainly to check the sealing condition of the cooling system, the tightness of the fan belt, and whether the vents and vents on the radiator cover are unblocked. Whether the cooling water is sufficient or whether the thermostat is in good condition, etc. In addition, scale must be removed in time to ensure the smoothness of the waterway. In order to reduce scale, engine cooling water must be filled.

The second is to improve the lubrication conditions of special vehicles such as garbage trucks and reduce the wear of road sweeper vehicles. First of all, we must ensure that the amount of automotive lubricants is sufficient and the quality is good, so that vehicle parts can be fully lubricated. Second, we must strengthen the maintenance of air filters and motorized filters to ensure the normal operation of special vehicles such as road sweepers.

For dust sweepers used in dusty conditions, the replacement cycle of lubricants should be shortened appropriately. Vehicles running in high temperature weather should be equipped with oil radiators and high quality oils.

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