Need to seize the opportunity of environmental testing equipment market

Need to seize the opportunity of environmental testing equipment market

At present, environmental issues are getting more and more attention. Doing well in the soft power of environmental protection, policies, and manpower also requires the detection of instrumentation equipment and these external hardware devices. The policies and regulations governing the environment need to be based on scientific data. Adjusting the governance and prevention of policy science in a timely manner requires various inspection equipments to be checked at various places.

All kinds of demands are showing that the market for testing instruments in the future has tremendous potential, so we can seize the opportunity to meet the challenges and tap a pot of gold in the environmental testing instrument market. Environmental monitoring mainly includes environmental quality monitoring, pollution source monitoring, emergency monitoring and special monitoring. The main monitoring objects and media include air, water quality, soil, noise, acid rain, radiation, and light. Environmental monitoring technology is the basis of environmental protection, and environmental monitoring instruments are the main tools for implementing environmental monitoring. In the past few years, China’s atmospheric governance has been strengthened. From 2006 to 2010, China's industrial waste gas emissions kept rising. The main components were sulfides and nitrogen oxides. At present, the relevant national departments have begun to pay attention to the control of nitrogen oxides, and they have been included in the binding indicators of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”.

We must not overlook our country’s efforts to improve water management. China’s water pollution status is very serious, and it also affects everyone’s drinking water safety issues. The need to reduce water pollution, protect water resources, and improve water recycling is also important. Very prominent.

China Business Intelligence Network's report on "Market Analysis and Development Prospects of China's Environmental Monitoring Instruments Industry in 2011-2015" shows that in the future, with the continuous promotion of the national air quality monitoring system, the investment in the national environmental protection field will increase substantially, and the air quality monitoring equipment will increase significantly. Enterprises will attract a new round of development climax, and the entire industry will enter a period of rapid development. China Business Intelligence Network expects the growth rate of the environmental monitoring market in the next five years to be at least 30%. It is expected that by 2015 China's environmental monitoring market will exceed 30 billion yuan. This gorgeous figure shows that during the 12th Five-Year Plan period, environmental monitoring equipment will usher in a vast market.

In the existing industry leader in testing equipment, there are environmental protection and Thermo Fisher. Occupy a total of about 60% market share of air testing equipment. The listed companies of the A-share environmental monitoring business have environmental protection, concentrating technology, etc., and environmental protection is the leading environmental protection system. In the field of environmental monitoring (ie, on-line monitoring of air, water, and precipitation) and emergency monitoring vehicles, there is a need for product development. A large R&D team integrating optical, electrical, automation, instrumentation, computers, and environmental monitoring has a high barrier to industry. The market competition in this field is mainly concentrated among industry leaders. At present, the market continues to mature. Although the industry's profit rate has been reduced, it still maintains a high profit level.

The state gives a great policy support to the environmental protection testing equipment industry, so the market for future testing instruments and equipment is very large and needs to be developed. It also requires investors to seize the opportunity to tap a pot of gold in the environmental testing equipment market and make it bigger and stronger. The market share of the equipment.

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