How to maintain the car's generator?

The generator is also an important part of the advertising vehicle and is the power supply system of the entire vehicle. In addition to our advertising vehicles do fixed-point parking, plug in an external power cord to play, the rest of the time we need our generators to provide power. Therefore, if we want to do a good job of advertising, we must pay special attention to the maintenance of our advertising vehicle generators. So how do we maintain our advertising car generator?

First of all, we have to regularly check the generators of our advertising vehicles, especially the inspection of generator oil, and we must constantly change the engine oil. Pull out the oil dipstick 20 minutes after it has not started or stopped. Wipe the oil dipstick clean with a clean rag or paper towel. Re-insert it into the oil hole for 10 seconds and then remove it to ensure that the oil has a low oil dipstick and the upper middle part of the high-scoring line.


Second, we must check the tightness of the pump belt and adjust it in time. At the same time, our generator adopts a closed water cooling system, so check the liquid level of the coolant.

Again, we have to regularly check the generator's air intake system, checking everything from the air inlet to the intake manifold. Is the snap ring loose and the intake hose broken? If there is something abnormal, replace it immediately to avoid affecting the use.

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