Lei Shizhen Shanghai Erjin enters the smart home ecosystem

Recently, in order to enter the smart home ecosystem more conveniently, NVC has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the company, such as Haier Home and other companies, to establish a strategic cooperation agreement with the U.S. The Integrated House Design Center is intended to make more breakthroughs in the field of intelligent lighting. The dispute between Wu and Wang was finally settled after NVC’s founder Wu Changjiang was sentenced to 14 years of misappropriation of funds. The new era of the printing of the NVC chairman Wang Donglei began. Recently, NVC signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shaohaihui and a residential network jointly initiated by Haier Home and other enterprises, and officially entered the smart home ecosystem. Prior to this, NVC has completed a strategic cooperation contract with the Chinese Academy of Sciences to build a smart city, in an attempt to lay out outdoor urban lighting. In this regard, the reporter contacted the chief brand officer of the NVC Group Brand Center, Du Yinghua, the other party said that the future development direction of smart home is closely related to the lighting industry. After the LED lighting products, through the docking between the chip and the chip, the LED light can be Become the Internet portal and become the natural entrance to the entire smart home system. At the same time, due to Haier's research on smart home ecology for 20 years, cooperation with Haier Home can drive the growth of NVC smart home. A number of interviewed experts said that the transition to smart lighting is the development trend of the entire lighting industry. Although the prospects are broad, it is not mature. In the case of NVC, it will face how to expand the talent reserves from cloud services and the Internet of Things. Avoiding issues such as individual risk in cross-border cooperation between enterprises. Into the smart home a few days ago, in order to more easily enter the smart home ecosystem, NVC and the Haier home and other companies jointly launched Shaohaihui and have live network signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the establishment of the housing Rachel intelligent research and development center and The Land Rover Integrated House Design Center is intended to make more breakthroughs in the field of intelligent lighting. Wang Donglei said that through this strategic cooperation with Shaohaihui, he will provide the lighting solutions for the alliance enterprises with the professional technology and light art in the field of lighting, and integrate with the smart home equipment and systems of the alliance enterprises. Realize the linkage of the scene. After the LEDized lighting products, through the docking between the chip and the chip, the LED light can become the Internet entrance, thus becoming the natural entrance of the entire smart home system. Du Yinghua pointed out that this is the development direction of smart home in the future, and NVC is actively deploying this field. It is understood that Shaohaihui is an ecological circle centered on smart homes jointly established by Haier Home after being separated from Haier Group. At present, the internal members of Shaohaihui include Haier Home, Real Estate Technology, Living Network, Claude Robot, Cobo Boloni, Yugong.com, Haijian Building System Integration (Intelligent Facade), Daxie China (Japan Smart Interior Door) ), Wande Creative Furniture, Haier Kitchen, Haier Sanitary Ware and other nearly 30 companies. Li Yang, a partner and brand director of Shaohaihui, told reporters that all members of Shaohaihui have equity partnerships. This so-called equity is not to say that all companies have shares in Shaohaihui, because Shaohaihui is not A company is not a group, but a concept of an ecosystem. The equity partnership means that the capital listed in the sea of ​​Shaohaihui Tools must occupy at least a certain share of the company, and it has a board seat on the board of the company. The Tool Sea is one of the three major components of the Shaohaihui Ecosphere, which is related to the capital, mainly including investment companies that invest in Shaohaihui member companies and funds established by Shaohaihui and well-known VCs, such as Guoxin Huakai Capital. , letter Zhongli - Shaohaihui Capital, Broadband - Shaohaihui Capital, Hongxi Capital, Shaohai Huijin Control. According to Li Yang, after NVC joined Shaohaihui, the two sides will also register two companies to strengthen business cooperation. Wang Donglei said that the scene linkage is to be completed by NVC Lighting and Shaohaihui member companies. What can be seen is that the development potential of smart home is huge now. According to data from the Forward-looking Industry Research Institute's "China Smart Home Equipment Industry Market Preview and Investment Strategy Planning Report", in 2016, China's smart home market reached 60.57 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 50.15%. It is expected that smart homes will usher in an explosion in the next few years. By 2018, the smart home market will reach 139.6 billion yuan. Even before 2020, China is expected to become the largest smart home market in Asia. However, what is not commensurate with the prospects of this industry is that companies have not shown strong competitiveness when they compete in the smart home market. According to data released by market research firm Statista, in 2016, the United States once secured the largest capacity in the global smart home market with US$9.715 billion. In comparison, China ranked fourth with a market capacity of only US$520 million. In terms of the growth rate of smart home penetration, the United States ranked first with 5.8% and China with only 0.1%. At present, although NVC has already pursued the market by practicing the two-wheel drive strategy of commercial photo + home, but analysts familiar with NVC pointed out that NVC's home lighting strength is much weaker than commercial lighting, can it be in smart home It’s not yet known if the field is a success.

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