Smelting strategy for gear mixing and shaping

Gear composite die forging should use the burning loss rate ≤ 0.5 contact or induction electric heating instead of burning rate ≥ 1.5 gas furnace, liquefied gas furnace or oil furnace heating to improve the heating quality and material utilization of forgings.
Correct design of gear composite forging gear punching and skinning is also one of the keys to the design. A flat-bottomed arch-bottomed joint type (shown as c) that combines the advantages of both. Thrust pad hot forgings The thickness S of the inner hole of the flat hole punching can be calculated as follows: S=0.45d-0.25h-5 0.6h where: S——the thickness of the punched skin, mm;d ——Inner hole diameter, mm; h—forging depth, mm.
Substituting d=60mm, h=2.8mm into the above formula, S=4.15mm. Considering that the gear is punched and the skin is directly heated, the thrust pad is forged for a high temperature, good plasticity and small deformation force, according to the nut gasket. Dimensional requirements and many factors such as easy punching and punching, the thickness of the punching pad of the thrust pad is S=3.5mm.
Since the forging pad forging material is 20Cr steel or 20CrMnTi steel, the shape of the forging piece is too thin, and the forging piece is easily deformed when punching the edge thereof. In order to meet the short operation of the production batch, the shortcoming of the composite die is overcome, and the thrust pad is cut. The edge punching die is designed as a continuous die.
Conclusion 1. Accurately determine the weight of forgings, blank specifications and shape and size of intermediate blanks, optimize forging die design and process specifications, is the difficulty to improve forging material utilization, improve forging efficiency, improve forging quality and reduce forging cost And key points.
2. Gear composite die forging can obtain three types of forgings with the same base, material and performance, but different shapes and sizes.
3. Gear composite die forging is a reasonable, effective and continuous systematic design project. It is a process that can achieve the minimum value in materials, equipment, molds, energy and labor consumption under the premise of ensuring the quantity and quality of products. A technical solution with low cost, high profit and good economic efficiency.
4. The development and development of gear composite die forging is not only suitable for disc forgings, but also for forgings of other shapes and sizes.

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