Wallpaper glue asks the merchant to provide the test report before buying

When the wallpaper is pasted, a large amount of adhesives will be used. Experts remind that the quality of the rubber powder and mortar directly affects the paste effect and service life of the wallpaper, and the unqualified adhesive may also cause indoor environmental pollution.
The reporter saw on the market that most of the wallpaper merchants claimed to use potato starch glue or imported glutinous rice glue. The shopping guide of Rouran wallpaper in a store told reporters that they used pure imported, edible grade glutinous rice gum. However, when a reporter asked whether there was a test report or whether the binder grade could be marked in the contract, she said, “The test report is certainly there, but there is no in the store. The contract will not be written, but a brand like Rourun is so big. It is trustworthy."
Experts suggest that consumers should choose rubber powders and glues that have been tested and certified by the national authority, and try to use adhesives made of starch and other environmentally-friendly materials to ensure the overall quality of wallpapers and urge them to provide appropriate inspections. report.

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