Asia's largest auto parts center project has now started

Recently, the reporter learned from the Housing Bureau of Harbin City that the Chemical Road in Daowai District, Longfeng Road in Tongdao District, and the Chemical Industry Road in Sheshan City have been formally initiated. This project is currently the largest project in the city of Ha-shan. After the transformation, the region will be built into the largest automobile auto parts center in Asia, the largest auto shopping street in Northeast China, imported accessories distribution center, auto culture exhibition hall, and auto professional training and education base. Relying on the vanguard road auto trade industry foundation and existing industrial clusters, we have built an international automobile city that is well-known at home and abroad. Yueyang Hengli (sst Hengli) Air-conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd. issued an announcement and launched an optimization plan for the split share structure reform. The project will use two years to build a living and cultural center that focuses on the automobile industry and integrates business, housing, shopping, culture, and medical care. After completion, it will be sold together with the International Automobile City in the cottage area. Integrate with the service industry to further enhance the industrial advantage of Harbin Automotive Commerce.

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