Four meteorological national standards such as wind power levels will be implemented from August 1

Wind power level and other four meteorological national standards implemented on August 1st diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2012-07-05

On July 5, according to the website of the China Meteorological Administration, from August 1st, four national meteorological standards such as “Wind Rating” will be formally implemented. The implementation of these standards will play a positive role in regulating the relevant business services such as weather forecast and warning.
The four meteorological national standards include "Wind Rating" (GB/T 28591-2012), "Precipitation Grade" (GB/T 28592-2012), "Sandstorm Weather Warning" (GB/T 28593-2012) and "Near Weather Forecast (GB/T 28594-2012).
Take "Sandstorm Warning" as an example. The national standard specifies the early warning signals and warnings of dust storms. It is clear that the level of sandstorm warning signals is divided into three levels from weak to strong, followed by sandstorm yellow warning signals, sandstorm orange warning signals, and sandstorm red. Early warning signal. The implementation of this national standard is of great significance in regulating the monitoring of sandstorm weather, forecasting, early warning, and emergency response to disaster prevention and mitigation, as well as improving the quality and effectiveness of sandstorm warning services.
Meteorological standards are important support for improving meteorological forecasting capabilities, meteorological disaster prevention and reduction capabilities, dealing with climate change capabilities, and the ability to develop and utilize climate resources. Meteorological standards are an important means of transforming meteorological scientific and technological achievements into operational capabilities, and also fulfill meteorological and social management and public meteorological services. Functions, leading the important guarantee for the development of the meteorological industry. Up to now, 35 national meteorological standards have been approved and issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the National Standardization Administration.
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