Efficient new pressure ball machine is the king choice for increasing market share

With the improvement of people's living standards, the pollution of various resources is very serious. With the large amount of pulverized coal produced by mechanized coal mining, it is imperative to develop briquette technology. Now that the labor wages in society are getting more and more expensive, the cost of using one worker has increased the budget for many investments. Ono after market research, developed a new automatic pressure ball machine, saving manpower, easy to operate the machine is increasingly welcomed in the market. The main feature of the ball press is the use of two stamping moldings, adding a pre-press punch. An electromagnetic clutch is disposed at the coupling portion between the inertia wheel and the drive shaft, and an electromagnetic brake is disposed on the drive shaft to realize the no-load starting and quick unloading braking of the machine. The main shaft, gears, bearings, and Other key components of the automatic ball press adopt special wear-resistant materials and precision casting, which greatly improves the fit, compactness, and wear resistance between the auger and the sleeve. At the same time with high yield, low energy consumption, compact and durable. The machine adopts the main drive safety overload protection, indexing mechanism safety overload protection, the structure is novel and reasonable, sensitive, reliable, to ensure the safe operation of the machine.
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The automatic metal crusher and shale crusher produced by Henan Ono Machinery Co., Ltd. allow customers to save worry and effort, and is easy to operate. Ono's development space in the smashing industry is more and more broad. Only by following the development of the times and following the footsteps of industrial development can we gain a foothold in this society and occupy our own place. In the field of crushing, Ono has always played an important role. As the leader in the industry, we know that a good equipment can bring wealth to the company. Our customers' confidence in our products has made us even more proud. Our crusher products have mature technology, simple and flexible operation, stable and no noise, and the entire crushing process requires only one person. All-round Control buttons allow you to control the crusher even more. simple. Is a large company competing to buy products, our company provides comprehensive after-sales service and technical support, welcome customers to shop to buy.
Ono machinery is an entity that specializes in the research and development of dryers. The research and development of dryers has been for decades. The Onofoil desulfurization gypsum dryer is upgraded according to the old drum dryer. The new type of drying equipment has superior anti-overload capacity, strong material handling capacity, greatly reduced fuel consumption during the drying process, and effectively saves the user's production costs. The device adopts the co-current drying method, the flue gas and the wet material. From the same side into the dryer, you can use high-temperature flue gas to obtain a high evaporation intensity, dryer outlet temperature is low, thermal efficiency is high. New dryer feed feeding device has been specially improved to eliminate the drum dryer to Material blocking, discontinuity, uneven, material return and other phenomena, and effectively reduce the load of the dust removal system. Selecting Onofrio dryer is your regret choice.
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