Donghua Energy plans to build 1.32 million tons of propane to propylene

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Donghua Energy issued an announcement on the 25th to establish a wholly-owned Ningbo Fuji Petrochemical Co., Ltd. to invest in the comprehensive processing and utilization of propane resources in Ningbo Daxie Development Zone.

The total investment of the project is expected to not exceed 5 billion yuan. It is planned to be constructed in two phases, including 1.32 million tons of propane dehydrogenation to propylene units, 400,000 tons of polypropylene units per year, and downstream supporting projects. Among them, the first phase of the project mainly includes a 660,000-ton/year propane dehydrogenation unit and a 400,000-ton/year polypropylene cogeneration unit with a total investment of about 3 billion yuan. The construction period is expected to be 1.5 years. According to the market conditions, it is expected that after completion of the construction of the first phase of the project, the second phase of the 660,000-ton/year propane dehydrogenation and other downstream projects will be implemented.

The propane dehydrogenation project is planned to use UOP's Oleflex propane dehydrogenation process. The 10,000-ton/year polypropylene project is planned to adopt the gas phase bulk polypropylene production process, and specific technical partners are currently negotiating.

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