New Discovery: Bright Small Particles on Mars

NASA's Mars rover excavated something unusual in Mars soil. A few weeks ago, the Moon discovered a strange, bright object that later proved to be part of Rover itself. Now we have a new mysterious object to counter it.

The Mars drove a few spoonfuls of Martian soil and found a bright particle in the creation pit. Unlike earlier targets, NASA has confirmed that it is a new expansion from Mars. In addition, there are other equally scattered around. From our current point of view, the particles are very tiny, and the upper picture covers only about 1.6 inches. Despite this, the particles are obviously different from the surrounding soil. At first, NASA feared that there might be more debris coming off the rover, but further studies have shown that this is no longer the case.

NASA analyzed this. The detector will determine the minerals in the soil in small samples and hope to sort out what this bright particle is. Before that, people could only guess wildly.

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