Car brake system maintenance and maintenance

Replace brake pads by mileage. Brake pads and brake discs (drums) have a service life and must be replaced when they are worn to a certain degree. Normal use in normal city driving, their life span is about 50,000 kilometers, and the life of brake pads is about 30,000 kilometers. However, the specific situation depends on the operation of the owner, and it is best to check once every 10,000 kilometers. However, when the brakes are applied, the car is obviously running to the left or right. This is caused by the non-synchronous front-wheel brakes. It is very easy to accidentally grab the left (right) brake and cause an accident. Especially when driving at high speed, you must immediately go to the repair shop. Perform brake adjustments.

In addition, the new car should pay attention to the braking system running in. The first 1000 km of new car is crucial for running-in. The braking system also needs to run in. It is better not to have emergency braking. In order to run smoothly, the clutch must be depressed before stepping on the brakes, but this is only a temporary expedient. After 1000 km, in order to extend the life of the clutch, it is still necessary to “disconnect from the brakes.”

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