Problems that may be encountered when installing the distribution box and how to handle it

Problems that may be encountered when installing the distribution box 1 Incorrect selection or improper selection according to the drawings.

2 The iron of the distribution box box is too thin, and the rigidity is poor, causing serious deformation of the shell and the facade, and the closing gap is too large.

3 Some models of electrical appliances installed in the box do not meet the design requirements.

4 There is no grounding and zero bus bar, or the grounding and zero bus bar specifications are too small to meet the requirements.

5 Some distribution boxes have no isolation and block protection, and some protection plates are not equipped with insulation or flame retardant materials.

For the above problems, we can use:

1 Requirements Order strictly in accordance with design drawings and relevant specifications. The goods should be checked for appearance in a timely manner, whether there is a factory certificate, whether the nameplate is correct, whether the accessories are complete, whether the insulating parts have defects, cracks, and whether the coating is complete. The model and specification of the electrical appliance in the box meet the design requirements.

2 The thickness of the iron box of the distribution box is consistent with the requirements.

3 The ground terminal board in the distribution box should be connected with the box body. The working zero terminal board should be insulated from the box body (except for the total distribution box), and the terminal board should be made of a rectangular busbar that is more than twice the maximum wire cross section in the box ( However, the minimum cross section should not be less than 60mm2 and the thickness should not be less than 3mm). The material used for the terminal board is a copper product.

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