LED demand ushers in the summer market is fiercely competitive

The latest quotation from LEDinside, the green energy business unit of TrendForce, a global market research institute, shows that the decline in the price of LEDs for lighting in the second quarter of 2014 is between 3 and 7; the decline in the price of backlight LEDs is about 5-10, which is due to the direct The LED market is highly competitive, with an average drop of 13.
In the second quarter, the price of LEDs for high-power and medium-power lighting continued to decline. The Korean manufacturers represented by Samsung in the mid-power 5630 still adopted a low-price strategy to seize the market; while the decline in high-power prices was more obvious than other products, especially high. Brightness LED (120-140lm) overall decline of 7; As for the COB part, product line expansion and performance improvement for each manufacturer's development focus, overall, at least 30W below the product line needs to be complete, lighting manufacturers have the willingness to place orders . Guo Zhihao, an associate researcher at LEDinside, said that the average visibility of backlight LED orders is 1-2 months, and chip and package manufacturers are rushing. Despite the high-end rate of LED manufacturers, the profit of the camp is affected by the 10-15 price drop per year, and the profit margin is still limited. Therefore, LED manufacturers will see whether the orders in the third quarter need to be expanded due to visibility. Generally speaking, it is conservative and wait-and-see attitude.
Guo Zhihao further stated that LED manufacturers' efforts this year are aimed at actively developing niche markets (lights, FlashLEDs and UVLEDs) and high value-added LEDs (high color saturation backlight LEDs and high color rendering LEDs) to gradually reduce The proportion of backlight products. Finally, in terms of kinetic energy, the demand for the large-size and 4K high-resolution TV market in Brazil in June increased, and the application of lighting in the nuclear energy issue fermentation and energy-saving measures is expected to accelerate the penetration of LED lighting.

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