Xi'an Zhaohua Launches High Performance Gas Chromatograph

Xi'an Zhaohua Launches High Performance Gas Chromatograph GC9790II series gas chromatograph is a new generation product developed by Fuli Company. It optimizes the structure and performance on the basis of GC9790 gas chromatograph. It adopts computer control system and large screen display in English and Chinese to achieve control and analysis on PC. All work, can also be equipped with built-in AD conversion circuit, can directly output digital chromatographic signals. With stable performance, easy operation and high reliability, it is widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection, disease control, scientific research institutions and quality inspection departments.

Instrument features The first bus control platform can modularly expand the chromatography system through the bus control platform, ensuring the accuracy of various types of data transmission, and further improving the reliability and stability of the instrument.

Highly sensitive PC control system, perfect realization of online monitoring optional anti-control system, to achieve more features.

Classic LCD large screen design, simple and intuitive parameter settings using a large-screen LCD display, more informative, user-friendly key design and operation interface to ensure intuitive and easy operation.

Reliable anti-jamming system, over-temperature protection function inherits the six-way temperature control system and zero-cross pulse triggering control system of GC9790 gas chromatograph, and is optimized and has stronger reliability.

Perfect self-diagnosis function, fault retrieval is no longer complex and real-time feedback instrument fault information, user-friendly retrieval of faults, ensure that the instrument is easy to maintain.

Technical parameters
● Overall dimensions: 565 × 510 × 490mm (length × height × width)

● Instrument weight: 50Kg

● Maximum power: 2500W

● Voltage: 220±10% The dual-channel hot and cold alternating system with unique temperature control parameters guarantees warming and cooling rates. The special material of the cabinet insulation layer guarantees the temperature stability of the instrument.

Temperature control range: room temperature plus 6 °C ~ 399 °C temperature fluctuation: not more than ± 0.1 °C

Program warming: 8 steps

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