The aerial vehicle must guard against the five murderers who cause sudden death in the summer

The news of sudden death in recent years is not uncommon. The high-altitude truck drivers are drivers of high-risk vehicles. In the summer, high temperatures are an objective environmental factor that we cannot effectively intervene. The high-altitude truck drivers must also pay attention to some risk factors. These are high temperatures. This has contributed to arrhythmia and has doubled the risk of sudden death.


The problem of “emotional heat stroke” in the summer is definitely not only making people angry and full of anger. It will also increase people’s heart rate, shorten the diastolic period, and accelerate conduction in the heart chamber, causing various types of arrhythmias.


In summer, it is easy to cause lack of sleep because of the heat, which increases the oxygen consumption of the heart muscle and is also one of the causes of arrhythmia. Some studies have suggested that adults who are under 60 years old are twice as likely to suffer from angina, coronary heart disease, heart disease or stroke if they sleep less than 5 hours a day.


Sweating in the summer is a natural reaction of the body, but if sweating a lot, it may cause a large loss of water and potassium and sodium in the body. If the situation is serious, it may also induce malignant arrhythmia.

Heat stroke

Severe heatstroke may cause death. This is not news, and heat stroke can affect the regulatory function of the central nervous system. Heat accumulation in the body damages organs and affects the heart.

Cold weather

If the first few factors are caused by high temperatures, then this is the new risk factor that people, particularly long-distance aerial vehicle drivers, have to cool down. In recent years, many cases of sudden death have been discovered because of the low temperature of the air conditioner or frequent indoor and outdoor access. Because the temperature difference is too large, it may cause a sudden contraction, expansion or expansion of blood vessels when entering from another environment. In this case, the crisis will happen at any time. Statistics show that the risk of sudden death increases threefold in patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases when the temperature difference changes by more than 10°C.

In addition, if the aerial working vehicle driver chooses “cold food” too coolly, it may also cause acute heart attack. This is because the area where the esophagus passes is similar to the heart, and the stomach is at the bottom of the heart. Eating a lot of cold drinks at once will suddenly change the temperature around the heart and cause heart problems.

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