Shengda and ESCO launch new intelligent lighting control system

Shengda and Energy Technology Services (ESCO) and lighting operators announced the launch of the new Intelligent Lighting Control and Management System (LCMS), which flexibly adjusts the lighting system for medium and large lighting locations, including street lighting, parking lot lighting, storage or public space lighting. Wait. Compared with the replacement of light-emitting diode (LED) lamps, the introduction cost is lower, and the cost recovery period is also achieved faster.
Qiu Shili, Director of Shengda Electric Power and Energy Management Division, said that Shengda has continued to develop innovative and energy-saving products that meet customer needs in response to market trends. The latest LCMS provides new generations with more environmentally friendly and more environmentally friendly products for ESCO operators and lighting operators. Energy-saving lighting options. The new system has a low recovery period. Based on the current installation results, it is estimated that the overall return on investment (ROI) of the industry can be achieved in 2.5 to 4.5 years.
Shengda LCMS is a control system based on power line (PLC) network to transmit multiple light sources. Different from competitive solutions to replace lamps, this system is suitable for commercial and public lighting environments above 90, including mercury lamps commonly used in street lamps. High-pressure sodium lamps and LED lamps are also suitable for T5, HID, CDM and other lamps used in parking lots, storage, sports fields, etc. Under the condition that the remote end of the host is connected to the power line network, the operator can use the intelligent control function to manually or Automatically adjust the output of each luminaire according to the needs of different time, area and brightness, monitor the consumption of electric energy and working conditions, bring advanced management and energy saving effect.

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