[Hunan] Transportation System Launches Three Levels of Emergency Response

[Hunan] Transportation System Launches Three Levels of Emergency Response On January 4th, due to the influence of strong cold air, heavy snow fell in the Three Gorges area. There were freezing conditions on highways and ordinary roads in the province. The province's highway waterway transportation, traffic construction and port production were affected to varying degrees. influences. The highways of other provinces and provinces are normal; most highways in the province are in normal traffic, and some highways are slow. Hunan Province's transportation system actively responded to anti-ice and snow protection, ensured unimpeded traffic, and ensured safety. Starting from the 4th, it initiated a three-level emergency response, requiring transportation authorities at all levels and industry management agencies to be resistant to extreme cold and snow and ice. The preparation of ideology, and attaches great importance to and strengthen the preventive and security measures to ensure the smooth flow of roads and passenger transport and transportation of key materials.

On the morning of the 4th, Hu Jianxin, deputy director of the Hunan Provincial Department of Transportation, hosted the special meeting on transportation of rain, snow and freezing weather and transportation emergency protection, and arranged the redeployment of transportation protection work for low-temperature rain and snow weather. After the meeting, he issued the “About to Do The current emergency notice for emergency protection of rain, snow, and freezing weather requires that transportation authorities at all levels, highway management, transportation management, and maritime management agencies should conscientiously implement their respective responsibilities for smoothness maintenance and safety management, and that they should do a good job in accordance with the division of responsibilities. All aspects of work. The highway department must implement emergency snow-removal materials and equipment reserves, actively organize snow removal and barrier removal, release road conditions and detour information to the public in a timely manner, strengthen road inspections and duties, and ensure the smooth flow of road networks; the transport and transportation department must supervise the strict transportation scheduling disciplines of transport enterprises. For lines and sections that are severely frozen and difficult to guarantee safety, measures such as rerouting, diversion, and class change shall be adopted. Reliable measures shall be taken for the shifts that cannot be rerouted or diverted, and the suspension of classes shall be suspended immediately; the maritime department shall make a good port The anti-freezing and anti-skid measures of ferries and ferries and the work of preventing ships from typhoon and typhoon will ensure safety; the construction department shall strengthen supervision of construction safety in extreme weather; at the same time, all transport companies shall promptly initiate transportation emergency plans under the unified arrangements of local governments and competent authorities. , To ensure and prioritize passengers and key materials transportation vehicles and ships, and to implement leadership responsibility for the safety of transportation of these vehicles. At the same time, all units are required to implement 24-hour on-duty shifts and lead classes. They must concentrate their efforts on preventing ice and snow from moving smoothly, and strengthen coordination and dispatch to ensure that the decree is smooth. It is necessary to actively communicate with the meteorological and traffic police departments, strengthen linkages, and disseminate meteorological forecast information and road condition information to the masses through media means such as short messages, radio, television, and the Internet in a timely manner to guide travel.

The Hunan Provincial Department of Transportation and Communications prepared for the rainstorm on December 12th, 2012. The management departments of various industries focused on the characteristics of the industry and carefully planned and fully prepared. According to the requirements of the emergency plan, the province has a total of 314,000 sacks in kind, 2750 tons of snow melting agent, and 3,000 tons of industrial salt. With the Hengrun Gaoke and other machinery and equipment companies reached 37 sets of large-scale multi-purpose snow removal equipment emergency intent agreement, according to the actual situation of each section allocated. At the same time, 8310 instant noodles, 6735 mineral waters, 19490 jins of edible oil, 42400 jins of rice, 1910.6 tons of diesel oil and 1276.8 tons of gasoline were stocked. All cities and states have deployed emergency transportation contact points to ensure passengers' transportation and transportation of key materials.

As the key to anti-ice protection, the province's highways have implemented the leadership segmentation responsibility system, in-depth road sections, on-site command. The provincial expressway toll gates and freeway variable information boards are updated to release traffic information and safe traffic. Each conservation department quickly mobilized snow-sweeping vehicles and engineering vehicles to key road sections, bridges, culverts, and tunnels, and took various anti-slip and anti-freezing measures such as laying sack mats, snow melting agents, and manual shoveling snow to remove ice. The highways and highways share the smoothness of the common lines and connecting lines of expressways; highway highways and politicians adhere to 24-hour patrols, and work closely with the high-speed traffic police department to strictly implement the preplans, and adopt methods of road police opening, cross inspection, and scientific diversion to increase inspection intensity and density; The province's road network strengthened the interaction between information and communication, especially the inter-provincial interface sections strengthened the links with the neighboring provinces' highways and bridges, grasped the relevant road traffic conditions in a timely manner, and strengthened the collection and submission of information; Hunan Expressway customer service hotline 96528 has increased its strength and provided information release, consultation, and rescue services in time for the majority of the company. Each toll station has continuously cleared toll plazas and lanes of snow to ensure the safety of vehicles entering and exiting the expressway; the service areas have strengthened the supply of emergency supplies. , not only prepares instant noodles, biscuits and other foods, but also prepares ginger soup Boiling water, provided free of charge to drivers and passengers, provides quality, safe and convenient services for vehicles and passengers.

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