Integration of multi-gear-toothed structure of CNC lathe

The gear shaft that meshes with the rack rotates the phase needle to force it so as not to change direction. Through the gear transmission, the shaft obtains a clockwise rotational force, so that the tooth surface of the gear shaft meshes with a tooth surface of the rack to eliminate the problem. Then, the force is rotated counterclockwise, and the shaft and the shaft obtain the rotational force in the opposite direction, so that the tooth surface of the gear is meshed with the other tooth surface of the rack to eliminate the gap.

At the same time, the helical gear that urges the shaft gear to loosen the sleeve rotates clockwise, eliminating the gap on the chain before the wheel. At this time, tighten the set screw in the helical gear of the shaft, loosen the shaft and let it fall freely and properly mesh with the shaft and the helical gear, and tighten the nut on the shaft to eliminate the gap between the shaft and the shaft and the helical gear. The above adjustment method is simple and feasible, so that the Siemens 怅 electrical servo gain coefficient is achieved.

The coordinate positioning accuracy of the NC linear motion is achieved, the repeating positioning accuracy is achieved, and the reverse difference is achieved, which is ideal. After the installation, the performance of the rotary cutting machine has been greatly improved, ensuring stable rotation of the rotary cutting machine, uniform thickness of the processed sheet, and no wrinkle breakage. The manufacturer is very satisfied.

It can be concluded that the machining quality of the cam groove profile is one of the key factors affecting the running quality of the cam mechanism. The use of CNC technology to machine cam profiles is effective. The assembly standard and the machining reference must be uniform to reduce the cumulative error in the manufacturing process. The cam plate and the cam ring that make up the groove cam are the same blank, the one-time clamping, the same machining program isometric offset processing, and the paired assembly can be used. Assembly quality.

When the closed groove is cut, the interference at the starting point increases the tool wear and should be avoided. Reasonably set at the starting point and the starting point, the final point and the final path can avoid overcutting and less cutting in CNC machining. Reasonably select the cutting amount, the direction of the cutting, the rough finishing points, and improve the processing quality and processing efficiency.


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