Zoomlion: Six excavators successfully passed the assessment test

Recently, the industrial assessment test report for six new excavators, ZE75E, ZE80E-II, ZE150E, ZE210E, ZE260E, and ZE1250E independently developed by Zoomlion Earth Machinery Co., Ltd., was held in Meeting Room 205 of Weinan Industrial Park. The meeting was chaired by Yang Xichuan, deputy general manager of the branch. Leaders Shi Liang, Guo Long, Luo Yongzhong, Cheng Junhui and representatives from the departments of technology, marketing, quality, and manufacturing attended the meeting. The results of the six excavators' industrial assessment tests show that Zoomlion's excavator has good operational stability, low fuel consumption, and high work efficiency, and its overall performance is better than that of similar domestic products.
These six excavators are all new products developed in 2011. At the beginning of design and development, they have undergone comprehensive market research and have now passed the performance tests of national authorities. In order to verify the reliability of the whole machine and understand the user's opinions, the branch company has conducted evaluation tests on the actual conditions of the new product to ensure the performance and reliability of the whole machine and meet the customer's needs.
The assessment test began in March of this year. Based on the characteristics of the model, the main application conditions, and the construction environment, the branch company has selected high-quality trial customers. Six models have successively completed assessment tests ranging from 800 to 1500 hours. . The test mainly consists of the comparison test of overall machine reliability, working condition adaptability, operating comfort, work efficiency and fuel consumption comparison test, as well as the comprehensive assessment of user and operator appraisal, etc., effectively verifying product reliability and adaptability to working conditions. Whether sexuality meets design requirements and customer needs. At the same time, the test process also accumulated a variety of data in the use of the product, help to establish a certain database, to provide the necessary basis for the development of products in the later period.
When the industrial assessment test is about to be completed, on-site follow-up personnel will pay a return visit to the customer or operator who uses the testing machine. Baoji's trial master Song Master had used a variety of small excavators at home and abroad. After driving the Zoomlion ZE80E-II digging tester, Master Song said: “The speed of this test machine is comparable to that of foreign models. Quite, the coordination of the movement, overall this device is good." In Zhangqi County, Shanxi Province, trials of Zhonglian ZE210E's Mr. Zhang said: “The excavator's operating efficiency is comparable to that of Japanese cars, and the fuel consumption is also lower. The stability and operability of the whole machine are better than those of other domestic products.” Jiufeng Mountain, Inner Mongolia Mr. Lu of the coal mine has a number of large-scale excavators. After using Zoomlion ZE1250E large-scale excavators, Mr. Lu said: “I did not expect that the country can also make 100 tons of large digging, and the operating efficiency, fuel consumption and other aspects should be excellent. For similar models in foreign countries, Zoomlion is truly remarkable."
At the briefing, the leaders of the branch carefully listened to the assessment reports of various models, all affirmed the achievements of the industrial assessment test, praised the hard work done by the test personnel, and commented on the industrial assessment with Japanese experts. The problems existing in the tests were carefully analyzed, and constructive suggestions and suggestions were made for follow-up related product assessment tests and performance improvement.
Shi Liang, the head of the branch, emphasized at the meeting that the new product industrial assessment test should not only focus on the preliminary planning and management, but also continue to advance during the implementation, form a systematic test management system, and establish a management mechanism in which industrial assessment tests are coordinated and coordinated. . The new product must not only pay attention to the details of improvement, but also must achieve breakthroughs and upgrades in key core technologies. The major problems existing in the trial must be handled in stages and the high reliability of the Zhonglian brand series excavators should be achieved as soon as possible.
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