Nanjing Pregnant Woman Being Taxi Rejected and Retorted

Nanjing pregnant woman was rejected by the taxi hot quotation passenger traffic officer heavy penalty diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2013-01-09

Nanjing, January 9th Today, the reporter learned from the Nanjing Tourist Office that Nanjing's eight-month pregnant woman's microblogging revealed that the taxi driver refused to load the article. The Nanjing Passenger Regulatory Office fined the taxi driver. Yuan, deducting the industry integrity score of 10 points. This incident has caused widespread concern among netizens.
"I was pregnant for eight months. I took a taxi this morning and entered a taxi and told the driver to go to Wenzhu Road on Software Avenue. The driver said that the traffic jam was not going. Then he drove me off. This was the second time I had encountered a refusal. "On the morning of the 7th, this micro-blog posted by netizen rice kernel K unexpectedly became the focus of many netizens. It was reposted hundreds of times within a few hours. Netizens condemned the driver's lack of sympathy: "This attitude." It is indeed unacceptable, not to mention the treatment of a pregnant woman, which should be punished.” At the same time, there are many people who describe their experience of being rejected: “There was a night shift with colleagues and a couple of taxis. We chatted behind the girls and the drivers. The attitude is so bad that we shut up and don't talk, we refute him a few words, and he threw us on the elevated plane."
While everyone on the Internet spits, according to the complaints of Rice K, the Nanjing passenger management department is also involved in the investigation. This morning, the reporter learned from the Nanjing Taxi Complaint Handling Center that law enforcement officers retrieved the recording of the taxi from the taxi driver's taxi mentioned in the Weibo and conducted the on-the-spot trajectory recorded by the car GPS. The analysis confirmed the complaints of rice K.
Taxi driver Yuan explained: “If I knew she was a pregnant woman, I would definitely take her because winter clothes were worn more and I couldn’t see it. This thing was definitely something I didn’t do right. I sincerely I apologized and I did not consider her feelings because I wanted to make more money.
After the refusal to load was confirmed, the Nanjing Passenger Control Department made a fine of 800 yuan for the taxi driver and punished the industry with a score of 10 points. According to the relevant regulations, if the industry’s integrity score exceeds 20 points in one year, the company will be disqualified and will take part in the study exam. At the same time, Jin Shenghong Company, where the driver Yuan Shifu is located, also criticized and educated him on his refusal of illegal behavior, and he instructed him to make inspections at the company's general meeting to educate all personnel to abide by the rules, operate according to regulations, and standardize services. At the same time, Yuan Yuan made a fine of 500 yuan, 3 days of suspension of the punishment.
After the law enforcement officers informed the complainant of the results of the processing, the complainant felt somewhat surprised by the results of such processing: “I did not expect that the punishment would be so heavy.” (End)
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