The domestic mold industry relies on the existing advantages to advance the mold power

The domestic mold industry relies on its existing advantages Due to the accumulation of high-end machine tools and the accumulation of technology in China, the situation of large-scale import of foreign high-end machine tools will not change in a short period of time. China's dependence on high-end mold machine tool imports will continue in the short term. However, in the face of the world-famous mold market, especially the high-end market, this promising cake, China's mold machine tool companies need to understand the latest changes in the market, according to the development status of the mold industry, research and development related mold machine tool products to seize the market.

It is reported that although the current situation of China's mold industry is growing well, and the industry’s technological level is gradually increasing, the scale of development is also increasing day by day. However, there are now more than 30,000 companies in China engaged in mold manufacturing, and the number of people driven by it has already been increased. Breaking through 1 million, the total industrial value of the year is also approaching 200 billion yuan. Relevant experts said that China's mold industry should be prepared for safety, relying on existing strengths to actively carry out pioneering and innovative, and continuous efforts to promote the domestic mold machine tool industry to better and faster development, and thus march toward mold power.

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